The School of Investor Relations

The School of Investor Relations aims at helping you master the entire Investor Relations process

  • in a time and cost-effective manner
  • through a uniquely innovative combination of very didactic online courses and highly customizable on-site seminars

The instructors of The School of Investor Relations are all former financial analysts or Investor Relations Officers at large multinationals. Their extensive expertise in the techniques of financial communications is supported by an in-depth understanding of how capital markets work.

The team of instructors is managed by Anne Guimard, President of FINEO Investor Relations Advisors.


  • Improve the quality of your IR skills
  • Apply international best practices
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Optimize your time and resources


The “How-To” Series: featuring highly pedagogical content, the "How-To” Series are designed to help you master powerful techniques in Investor Relations

  • How to write earnings releases and presentations?
    - Read more about the Course Objectives
    - Run time: One hour
    - Cost: EUR 350.00 / Buy now !
  • How to ensure successful migration to International Financial Reporting Standards?
    Read more about the Course Objectives
    - Run time: One hour
    - Cost: EUR 350.00 / Buy now !

How to write earnings releases
and presentations?

Course objectives :

  • Identify legal requirements
  • Attract the interest of analysts, investors and journalists
  • Build an optimal production process with a full timeline
  • Identify the most effective financial and operational performance metrics
  • Give guidance, communicate on outlook and strategy
  • Achieve consistency across press releases and presentations
  • Hold a conference call

How to ensure successful migration
to International Financial Reporting Standards?

Course objectives :

  • Learn how European companies effectively communicated on IFRS upon conversion
  • Understand the financial communications challenges and opportunities
  • Identify the short term costs and the long-term benefits of a robust IR program around IFRS
  • Develop a best practice IR toolkit

Investor Relations and the Initial Public Offering process: this course consists of three sessions that cover all aspects of Investor Relations throughout the entire process of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) from the pre-market into the after-market phase

  • Module 1: Preparation of the IPO
  • Module 2: The IPO
  • Module 3: The after-market
- Read more about the Course Objectives
- Run time: One hour per module / 3 hours in total for the entire course
- Cost: EUR 1,000.00 / Buy now !

Investor Relations and
the Initial Public Offering process

Course objectives :

  • To prepare for the transaction rigorously and with professionalism
  • To comply fully with a wide range of legal obligations
  • To devote the necessary time and resources to retaining the attention  and remain on the radar screens of journalists, financial analysts and investors


  • Customized and company-specific courses
  • Training of senior executives
  • Board of Directors' interaction with IR
  • Programs delivered at corporate premises or via the web


The School of Investor Relations' programs can be designed to meet company-specific requirements and issues, such as:

  • Preparing for an Initial Public Offering
  • Implementing a corporate disclosure policy
  • Marketing the benefits of employee share ownership
  • Raising corporate executives' awareness of corporate governance, price-sensitive information, insider dealing

Our instructors go far beyond simple media training and will help management successfully handle critical situations

  • Rehearse their presentations prior to an initial public offering, a capital increase or a strategic announcement
  • Prepare for Questions & Answers sessions following earnings presentations, Investor Days, Annual General Meetings, etc
  • Hold one-on-one meetings with financial analysts or fund managers

Other programs are dedicated to increase the effectiveness of Boards of Directors by improving their understanding of and their interaction with Investor Relations

These highly-customized courses can be delivered via live webcasts or at corporate premises, internationally

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Introduction to IR

Overview of the course