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Welcome to FINEO Investor Relations Advisors
London +44 (0) 207 307 5924

FINEO is the only Investor Relations advisory firm in the world to have developed its proprietary set of training courses and to be able to customise any of its training seminars to meet specific needs. Satisfaction ratings exceed 90%. We cover the entire spectrum of Investor Relations skills needed to and excel at Investor Relations:

  • Introduction to Investor Relations
  • Investor Relations and the Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • « How-to » courses
  • Company-specific programmes
  • Training for Directors and Senior Executives

FINEO’s expert-led training programmes are critical for any corporation that wants to:

  • Increase its chances of attracting investors’, analysts’ and media’s attention through the effective use of international best practices in Investor Relations
  • Understand, convey and ultimately increase market value
  • Ensure that all capital market-facing executives are aligned across Investor Relations principles, processes and goals
  • Improve its current Investor Relations programme and tools to adequately showcase its financial and operating achievements
  • Develop an impactful Investor Relations strategy that will further raise its profile in the international investment community
  • Effectively compete for capital on a global scale

FINEO’s training courses are aimed at familiarizing directors, corporate executives and operational managers with corporate governance, price-sensitive information, insider dealing and public disclosure issues. Leading exchanges such as NYSE, Euronext, The Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, West Africa’s exchange BRVM have retained FINEO to develop and execute Investor Relations training programmes for current and prospective issuers.

FINEO’s instructors are former financial analysts or senior investor relations officers. They go far beyond simple media training and will help management effectively rehearse presentations and Q&A session before an analyst meeting or a roadshow, prior to an initial public offering, a capital increase, or a strategic announcement. Other programmes are dedicated to increase the effectiveness of boards of directors by improving their understanding of investor relations.

Bespoke courses are delivered in person at corporate premises, internationally or via live webcasts.