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Investor Relations

This practical manual combines the art and science of marketing, financial and communications in a single source.

Full of helpful tips and successful ideas, it provides a wealth of both strategic and tactical advice on how to implement Investor Relations from any perspective in the world. It takes the reader, novice and expert alike, through the essential steps for understanding, convening, ultimately marketing value.

With a view to present Investor Relations as a tool to be leveraged and a process to be mastered, Anne Guimard’s comprehensive guide to international best practices offers many easy to use and reliable pedagogical features, such as financial calendars, financial press release templates, etc.
Fully updated for today’s practitioner, this second edition covers the latest trends in Investor Relations such as social media, but also new topics: the impact of macro economic conditions on financial communications, the growing importance of Debt Investor Relations and of Environmental, Integrated Reporting, Social and Governance issues. It has been substantially expanded to discuss career opportunities in Investor Relations, to address the challenges of migrating to International Financial Reporting Standards and to include many new resources, guidelines, checklists and templates.
This book has received many positive reviews and is featured as THE reference manual for many investor relations practitioners.
Table of contents
  • Completing for Capital
  • Seven Keys to Successful Investor Relations
  • Implementing Best Practices in Investor Relations
  • Measuring the Value of Investor Relations